Friday, October 1, 2010

Yume Nikki vs. todays Video Games Rant thing

It was last year I played through Yume Nikki.
Though even still I keep looking back at it to see if anythings changed or to rekindle my memories. Though one thing that makes me come back is this, "In the last year no game has gotten me attached to a fictional character like Yume Nikki".

I mean I know I sound like one of those guys who hinge on certain games saying their best but for my defense, I know how the games are flawed and am willing to admit it. As well I am always opened to new games whether they are abstract or generic.

That out of the way, most games now a day just don't get you attached to a character like they do with Yume nikki's Madotsuki. Now for for the defense of the other games the world not only revolves around Madotsuki but is in a sense, "The mind of Madotsuki" and it's kind of hard to match or top that. Though let's face it, there are other ways! For instance "Amnesia: Descent into Darkness" uses minor to long disembodied voices along with vocal and visual flash back's to immerse the player into the characters past and in a sense getting us to care about what the main character has done with his life and how he got to the point he is at.

Then again though, not allot of games do this. This is what dissapoints me.
Though that's not to say I would to see this in EVERY game just ones that do some background info on the main character.

Perhaps I set my standards to high or perhaps I am just blind to the immersion... other wise I think the gaming industry just isn't trying hard enough.