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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Yume Nikki Video's

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yume Nikki Dream Diary.

Last blog I mentioned Yume Nikki (Dream Diary) and my fascination with how you could get horribly attached to a character who says little to nothing, Speach wise and physical wise.

Again this is yet another game that revolves around a dream world, though in this case you have the option to enter the dream world... in a sense, really if you don't go to bed the only thing you can do is wander around the protagonist's room. Speaking of which the protagonist is a girl named Madotsuki.

Madotsuki is a girl who starts off in her room awake, while in her room you can play a game and go on the back porch of her apartment. Being awake that's all you do. Trying to leave her apartment will result in her shaking her head and not going outside.
Though if you head to her bed and sleep you will enter her disturbing wonder land.
At first you though, you start off in her room again BUT this time you can leave the room and that's when you reach the hub and learn how things go.

The main goal of Yume Nikki is to find all 24 effects. These effects change the appearance of Madotsuki. Other wise that's about it; while some actually do; do something vital such as, "Stop light, Lamp post, and Neko, knife" everything else does little to nothing.
To find these effects you must go through door's and objects to different map's and area's, so it soon becomes a hunt for path's and objects that have special properties and can be interacted with if you are lucky enough that you can inter act with it.

The fact she has little power in her world leaves allot of people full with dread especially since Knife is the only major effect that can actually kill most NPC's. 

While her dream world seem's so vibrant if not scary, Madotsuki herself... is bland and very unresponsive to everything.
She never say's anything, rarely makes a sound, and never shows any character.
Due to Madotsuki's silent treatment to the players we start trying to grab bit's of pieces and info from her dream but even that proves fruitless since her dream can be broken down in so many ways that an accurate pin point on one aspect of her is near impossible.
Even with the big things in the game you can NEVER truly pin point anything. All you can do is build your own idea about who Madotsuki is. For sure you have some hard core facts about her fro the start (Like she is anti-social, she may be afraid to leave her room, and etc.) but for the rest? It's all nothing but theories.

It's some what frustrating. It's some what sad. It's some what confusing. Though it's always a curious thing.

I will talk about it later but for now I suggest you guy's go look for it and try it yourself.
Tomorrow I'll discuss more about the worlds and a little more about the main protagonist Madotsuki.

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Continuation from my last blog: LSD 2 main Character

Most games and stories have a main protagonist/character in them, though in L.S.D. there was no main character in the game or even a hint at a main character.

Truth be told while I like the idea of of having a main character being in my sequel to L.S.D. I feel it may ruin the whole feeling to the game, cause really it isn't about the character but the feel of the world and it's non-sensible happenings. As well with out a tie in to a character a player could take in the world more easily and with little questioning of why.

Then again if I were to include a main character/protagonist it would open a window for people to get attached to the protagonist/character in which it would push people to explore this person's dream and find out all they can, sort of like Yume Nikki with Madotsuki; while little was figured out about her people went to long lengths to document her dream world and find out everything they can. People then not only made a background and history for this character but in the end really got attached to her... which in my book's is one of the most amazing things a game can do in this day and age.

It's very conflicting to me even if the latter of the two sounds more promising. Though the idea of a sequel is to carry on the same idea and refine the game play and experience as much as possible with some possible additions to gameplay if they are reasonable. To add a character may ruin the feel of the game all together which may still result in success but over shadow the whole point of the original L.S.D. game.

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

In which I share my idea for a Sequel for L.S.D. 2

I really want to make a sequel or a fan game of L.S.D., Really I do.
When I get some more training in Computer science and what not I would really like to personally create a sequel to the game the way I envision it.

For starters of what I would do is that the dream world would consist of 5 worlds:
1. Nightmare Coast
2. New Toy York
3. Plain day City
4. Scify town
5. Grande Hospital

Each world would have it's own theme (if it wasn't obvious enough) and would all have there own gimmicks such as being able to drive a car in Plain day City, Avoiding monsters in Nightmare coast, Having a flute in New Toy York, having a needle in Grande Hospital which you could use on NPC's you meet and on vials you find (to change the substance in the needle), and having a Laser gun in Sciyfy Town.

Now when you dream you are sent to one of 5 these five worlds with out choice BUT what you do in these worlds will effect other worlds; for instance, let's say in nightmare world you come along a three way split road and you decide to take the left and when you do you run into a super fast monster that catches you, when you enter another dream world there becomes chances of running into that monster but since you have different abilities in other worlds you can actually destroy or scare the monster away (Like running it over with a car, shooting it with a laser gun, and ETC.) which in turn would effect that monster in nightmare Coast.

Though that's not the only case of change as well, if you go to nightmare world more than other places and do more there than anywhere else Nightmare world would slowly start to leak into the other worlds and in fact start changing not only the NPC's in other worlds but also the appearance and land itself! For example, I am going and doing allot more in nightmare world than anywhere else and then one dream I go to New Toy York, well one of the first things I notice is the land is Darker and the toy's seem a bit sadistic as well a few NPC's start popping up that aren't normal like Doll's with knives or Jack-the-box'es with a much scarier theme and diffrent sound. As for land there would be more hill's and gulches, some part's of the land would look burnt and dead.
Now Vice versa if I went to New toy York more than other places and then one day went to Nightmare Coast I would find the land would have a toy theme to it and some of the monster there would look like rag doll's. As well there would be some cheap looking Halloween decorations there too. As for land there would be pool's of ketchup and some times the land would look like Lego's. There would be less hill's and gulches and some times I would find new houses made from Lego's or Lincoln Logs.

Anyway the main point of these changes would be to include different cut scene's and objects.
Make the dream world almost ever changing and fresh. As well it would induce some challenge to the player so it would be something you could play for a while with out getting bored.

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

L.S.D. Dream Emulator Video's

L.S.D. Dream Emulator

L.S.D. Dream emulator

A game I will always be in love with. It was made in Japan and has a very heavy Japanese theme to it, not allot of copies of it were made and game play is horribly lacking.
The graphics as well where rather crude especially since it was on the Playstaion (PSX to some) and on a very limiting disc.
The music is quite literally non-existent as Wiki has informed me the game has patters played in random intervals rather than a string of notes.

So why would I love such a bland game?
Cause while the game was very unappealing to the eye's it's Atmosphere and Event's really made it something special and I have a strong belief that the creators of this game had an idea that was way ahead of it's time.

Now this is were I start raving cause the idea behind this game is nothing but gold: To simulate a dream world.
The idea may seem impossible but with the right people and hardware it's very possible!
In fact if it were to be developed on the PS2 we would probably have not only better looking visuals but a much lusher world filled with more objects and things that would tickle our minds with disbelief and curiosity.

But alas they had not but the PSX hardware to work with and I am getting off track.

To simulate a dream world would challenge a player to go and do everything they and maybe even try to reach result in the world. People start wondering about the dreamer as well even though the dreamer may not even be mentioned or thought of which in turn creates a rather large mystery in the game. At which this point people try to connect to the dreamer... though with LSD this is not really had (But in another game we get this feeling entirely) due to the fact since a large group added their dreams to this game rather than just one person... speaking of which; the creators of this game also had a book for it!

Part 1
Part 2

The book offer some insight into game but not allot. Though it makes for a good read still so I would suggest giving it a look.

Back to the point! Since allot of people incorporated dreams into LSD a true character is never revealed but in the we do feel a fascination for the dream world and it's odd and some times horrifying inhabitants.

Moving on, the NPC's and atmosphere in this game are really something special. For NPC's you can be reassured that no more than 2 or 3 are the same (Except for toy castle guards but they don't count) and some are rarer than others, for instance the Kimono girls are the usually the first NPC people see, then we get people consisting of a head with legs and arm's running around and while these guys are rare at first they get more common later on, and then the VERY rare one's can range from a giant Minotaur stomping around towns to a insanely huge scary toy flower. These NPC's add atmosphere unbearably well and often sparks interest and curiosity in player as they follow the NPC around thinking some thing may happen if they do.
As for atmosphere it can range due to the game's habit of changing the sky's color and the land's/objects/nearly everything different textures or even into pictures! Usually this make's the player uneasy or sometimes scared (Especially in violent land) which to me is amazing! I mean really it's not much of a change but the fact it makes a player uneasy really drives a point home about how to invoke fear/feeling into the player.

Anyway I guess I should wrap this up, LSD Dream emulator in my mind is a game way ahead of it's time.
I would love to make a sequel to it... which isn't saying much but I would love to transfer the idea to a much powerful system and with more content such as actual change in land... such as buildings, land formation, and maybe even simple items popping up and disappearing depending on what is done on other area's.
Though over all anyone who know's anything about PlayStation emulation should give this game a whirl.
It's fun, it's creepy, it's some thing you'll keep in mind at least.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Welcome to my Blog!

Don't know what I'll be doing here quite yet, maybe I'll do some art and stuff but for the most part I'll be just talking about random junk.

Hope some will listen to my rant and raves and what not.

The first rant I'll do will probably be on a Game called: LSDDream Emulator.

Till then Later.