Monday, October 4, 2010

Dead Rising 2 Rant

SO. Dead Rising 2.
I owned the first one and let me tell you, it's like Capcom did little to nothing to fix some of the problems.
NOW, I ADMIT. They did fix the walkie-talkie dilemma and added the option to combine certain things but at the same time they added much more annoying things like the Girl who needed a dose of Zombrex ever 24 hrs, instead of a jam packed 6 days of fun you only get 3 making the game much shorter actually, PEOPLE WHO WANT TO PLAY POKER IN THE MIDDLE OF AN ZOMBIE PANDEMIC, the fact that un-combined weapons do nearly nothing to kill zombies, and the Psycho-paths... THE FREAKING PSYCHO-PATHS.

So let's start complaining right... now:

Okay my first complaint was the Psychopaths. It wasn't the fact that they can whip out unavoidable attack, you couldn't stun them easily with combined weapons, or even the fact that they had bullshit combos and weapons. 
For instance Antonio. Antonio was a fat old chef and SOME HOW he could run like he could part take in the olympics daily, or that one fat guy in the church, he was able to not only carry a chainsaw that's almost as tall as him around but he was able to run at full blast like he was on crack cocaine and had jet engine fuel in his blood... while using the chainsaw with out any hindrance, AT ALL.

Secondly, the time, you get about 4 days to do what you need to but to me? That's not enough time, in DR1 you got a FULL 6 days to run around the mall and go crazy. Now some will argue the time in DR1 and DR2 are about the same but it's not. DR2 just seems to short in time and just when things suddenly pick up it ends... kind of a drag.

Another complaint is checking time. I hate how you have to stop cold too look at your watch I mean why do you have to stop dead cold? Couldn't you at least briskly walk while you take a quick gander at your watch? Or is that just a bit too much to handle?

Speaking of stopping cold I wish they would add a health bar to an item's endurance, I mean it would REALLY help, cause flashing red doesn't really help much... it's like it's telling me this is going to break at some RANDOM point.

As for weapons go, they REALLY push the combo weapons and at one point those are some the only weapons that can do deadly damage to the zombies... or at least knock them down.

But even for it's flaws I found the game quite fun. It needs to be majorly refined before it can become a master piece but who knows? Maybe when DR3 rolls along they'll fix all the problems to it and HOPEFULLY add an endless/sand box mode to it.

Or for the least make a much larger map... like New york sized map.

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  1. well let's hope they fix those issues for DR3

  2. You've got some good creativity in this blog!

  3. You are right on some of the boss fights, but most are just so easy with the Defiler (axe + sledgehammer) and some painkillers (vodax2 mix).

    Sometimes some of the obscure weapons around the area of the psychopath can be used against them for devestating effects, such as the water gun for Slappy, plates for the chef, beer for the twins, and the ledges for others (sheriff and snipers)

    Timewise isnt too bad, I like to manage it, but the lag between looking at the map then stop looking at it often is crippling.

  4. I like this... btw, Beating Inertia has a new Q&A post!

  5. the comments you left on my last blog post were really helpful :)

  6. Sandbox in DR3 would be fantastic.