Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Truth be told, I love the increase in item's.
It's real nice.
But the shop?

The shop is bullshit in my opinion.
Now don't get me wrong but... well let's face it there's reasonable and then unreasonable and most of the things in the game have gone to unreasonable.

Firstly, all the good stuff costs about 5-3 bucks and that's not counting tax.
Now the MAJOR reason I am upset about this is cause well... it's allot for nothing.
I mean yeah sure with that money you get a SINGLE hat but let's face it, you are paying about 5 bucks for a hat you've been grinding for months on end.
Also the crates are pretty stupid as well, especially since you have to BUY key's for them... I mean seriously come on, why can't we just find keys? I mean I'm not going to buy a key every time I find a crate full of uber-saws.
Also they take away some chance from our actual drops.... which is pretty greedy.


  1. I just stopped playing TF2 indefinitely after the shop update. Valve is again showing how game devs these days can get away with ANYTHING

  2. I was thinking of playing this, but not so much anymore.

  3. +1 to pretty much everything you said. Fuck the store. :\

  4. Yeah, that pissed me off actually. That and now you get faggots jumping into servers for the sole purpose of trading. They wont even play.