Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yume Nikki Dream Diary.

Last blog I mentioned Yume Nikki (Dream Diary) and my fascination with how you could get horribly attached to a character who says little to nothing, Speach wise and physical wise.

Again this is yet another game that revolves around a dream world, though in this case you have the option to enter the dream world... in a sense, really if you don't go to bed the only thing you can do is wander around the protagonist's room. Speaking of which the protagonist is a girl named Madotsuki.

Madotsuki is a girl who starts off in her room awake, while in her room you can play a game and go on the back porch of her apartment. Being awake that's all you do. Trying to leave her apartment will result in her shaking her head and not going outside.
Though if you head to her bed and sleep you will enter her disturbing wonder land.
At first you though, you start off in her room again BUT this time you can leave the room and that's when you reach the hub and learn how things go.

The main goal of Yume Nikki is to find all 24 effects. These effects change the appearance of Madotsuki. Other wise that's about it; while some actually do; do something vital such as, "Stop light, Lamp post, and Neko, knife" everything else does little to nothing.
To find these effects you must go through door's and objects to different map's and area's, so it soon becomes a hunt for path's and objects that have special properties and can be interacted with if you are lucky enough that you can inter act with it.

The fact she has little power in her world leaves allot of people full with dread especially since Knife is the only major effect that can actually kill most NPC's. 

While her dream world seem's so vibrant if not scary, Madotsuki herself... is bland and very unresponsive to everything.
She never say's anything, rarely makes a sound, and never shows any character.
Due to Madotsuki's silent treatment to the players we start trying to grab bit's of pieces and info from her dream but even that proves fruitless since her dream can be broken down in so many ways that an accurate pin point on one aspect of her is near impossible.
Even with the big things in the game you can NEVER truly pin point anything. All you can do is build your own idea about who Madotsuki is. For sure you have some hard core facts about her fro the start (Like she is anti-social, she may be afraid to leave her room, and etc.) but for the rest? It's all nothing but theories.

It's some what frustrating. It's some what sad. It's some what confusing. Though it's always a curious thing.

I will talk about it later but for now I suggest you guy's go look for it and try it yourself.
Tomorrow I'll discuss more about the worlds and a little more about the main protagonist Madotsuki.

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  1. This is one of the games that got me into the creepy/horror genre.

  2. I once presented this game to my high-school art class as a project where we had to present our inspirations to the class. People were interested, but related the game more to a drug trip than a dream. It's sad that people out there relate anything out of the ordinary to drug abuse rather than to actual imagination or fantasy. ):

  3. awesome, dude I'll have to check it out