Monday, September 27, 2010

Continuation from my last blog: LSD 2 main Character

Most games and stories have a main protagonist/character in them, though in L.S.D. there was no main character in the game or even a hint at a main character.

Truth be told while I like the idea of of having a main character being in my sequel to L.S.D. I feel it may ruin the whole feeling to the game, cause really it isn't about the character but the feel of the world and it's non-sensible happenings. As well with out a tie in to a character a player could take in the world more easily and with little questioning of why.

Then again if I were to include a main character/protagonist it would open a window for people to get attached to the protagonist/character in which it would push people to explore this person's dream and find out all they can, sort of like Yume Nikki with Madotsuki; while little was figured out about her people went to long lengths to document her dream world and find out everything they can. People then not only made a background and history for this character but in the end really got attached to her... which in my book's is one of the most amazing things a game can do in this day and age.

It's very conflicting to me even if the latter of the two sounds more promising. Though the idea of a sequel is to carry on the same idea and refine the game play and experience as much as possible with some possible additions to gameplay if they are reasonable. To add a character may ruin the feel of the game all together which may still result in success but over shadow the whole point of the original L.S.D. game.

Anway that's all for today, remember to click some add's and what not, see ya tommorow as I jump to something different.