Sunday, September 26, 2010

In which I share my idea for a Sequel for L.S.D. 2

I really want to make a sequel or a fan game of L.S.D., Really I do.
When I get some more training in Computer science and what not I would really like to personally create a sequel to the game the way I envision it.

For starters of what I would do is that the dream world would consist of 5 worlds:
1. Nightmare Coast
2. New Toy York
3. Plain day City
4. Scify town
5. Grande Hospital

Each world would have it's own theme (if it wasn't obvious enough) and would all have there own gimmicks such as being able to drive a car in Plain day City, Avoiding monsters in Nightmare coast, Having a flute in New Toy York, having a needle in Grande Hospital which you could use on NPC's you meet and on vials you find (to change the substance in the needle), and having a Laser gun in Sciyfy Town.

Now when you dream you are sent to one of 5 these five worlds with out choice BUT what you do in these worlds will effect other worlds; for instance, let's say in nightmare world you come along a three way split road and you decide to take the left and when you do you run into a super fast monster that catches you, when you enter another dream world there becomes chances of running into that monster but since you have different abilities in other worlds you can actually destroy or scare the monster away (Like running it over with a car, shooting it with a laser gun, and ETC.) which in turn would effect that monster in nightmare Coast.

Though that's not the only case of change as well, if you go to nightmare world more than other places and do more there than anywhere else Nightmare world would slowly start to leak into the other worlds and in fact start changing not only the NPC's in other worlds but also the appearance and land itself! For example, I am going and doing allot more in nightmare world than anywhere else and then one dream I go to New Toy York, well one of the first things I notice is the land is Darker and the toy's seem a bit sadistic as well a few NPC's start popping up that aren't normal like Doll's with knives or Jack-the-box'es with a much scarier theme and diffrent sound. As for land there would be more hill's and gulches, some part's of the land would look burnt and dead.
Now Vice versa if I went to New toy York more than other places and then one day went to Nightmare Coast I would find the land would have a toy theme to it and some of the monster there would look like rag doll's. As well there would be some cheap looking Halloween decorations there too. As for land there would be pool's of ketchup and some times the land would look like Lego's. There would be less hill's and gulches and some times I would find new houses made from Lego's or Lincoln Logs.

Anyway the main point of these changes would be to include different cut scene's and objects.
Make the dream world almost ever changing and fresh. As well it would induce some challenge to the player so it would be something you could play for a while with out getting bored.

Anyway that's it. thanks for reading and leave a comment... and maybe click some of the ad's here if you would be so kind.


  1. This is amazing, I can see it happening. I'm actually very intrigued by this, please more.

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  3. cool story bro keep up the good work.

  4. I watched so many videos of the orignal LSD game. Shit is awesome.

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